Indoor Range

Designed by Industry Leaders

Multiple Lanes

3 separate rooms designed by industry leaders. Unlike common pre-fab shooting stalls, every one of our shooting booths are 8 feet deep and feature full armor plating to insure the safety of every shooter.

Bright Lighting

All shooting bays have been updated with ultra bright HD lighting and feature the best recording studio style noise canceling panels throughout. 

Clean Air Filtration

Each room boasts separate HEPA filtration negative pressure air cleaning system that takes smoke and particles away from the shooter, while providing fresh heated or air conditioned air from behind.

Capable Backstops

Our range is designed to handle most caliber firearms up to 338 Lapua. At Classic Pistol, you can rent a variety of popular firearms in many calibers to help you decide which is right for you.

Range Memberships

We offer annual memberships for shooters who frequently use the facility. Memberships allow members unlimited use of the range. You may come and shoot as often as you’d like. With your membership may bring up to 3 guests to share your lane for a reduced fee. A majority of accessories found in our Pro Shop will have a 10% discount to members. All memberships are good for one year from the day you sign up. Membership categories are structured around the type of ammunition you fire. With many modern handguns chambered in traditional rifle cartridges, as well as many long guns set up for traditional pistol cartridges – it is the type of ammunition that you shoot that determines the category of membership that would be best for you. 

 All Memberships include: 

  • Unlimited amount of Range time.
  • 10% off accessories and gear on our sales floor. 
  • Guest’s shoot at a discounted rate.

Individual Handgun, $275

Family Handgun, $350

Individual Long Gun, $325**

Family Long Gun, $400**

**These memberships allow you to shoot your handguns as well.

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