Built with operational performance in mind, the new LMT Spec War upper was designed in partnership with some of Americas most specialized warfighters. This upper was built to utilize the new 12.5″ MRP barrel as well as other 12″ or greater barrels. We removed the built in forward QD swivels and extended the length over the traditional CQB length to improve ergonomics and accessory real estate. What this does is give the user a better fighting edge and increased lethality.

Among keeping the classic barrel swap capability, the Spec War focuses on the need to maintain a rigid platform for mounted laser aiming and illumination devices, crucial for night operations. Additionally, this upper receiver features MLOK pattern rail mounting platform and a continuous picatinny top rail. For those who require use of a QD sling, a single point is available in the aft portion of the receiver.

The patented LMT monolithic rail platform (MRP) upper receiver, has a receiver and handguard that are made from a single piece of aerospace grade aluminum. The barrel is held in place with a proprietary locking system that utilizes two locking bolts accessible from the right side of the receiver. The only tool needed is a standard T-30 Torx bit to tighten the bolts. This receiver requires the patented LMT monolithic barrel assembly which has a low profile gas block with straight gas tube.

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